About Us

“True greatness is being willing to serve
even if the people you serve are at the bottom”

-Rev. William A. “Bill” Lawson


On April 15, 1996, the William A. Lawson Institute for Peace and Prosperity, a nonprofit organization, was presented to Rev. Lawson by a spontaneous group of community leaders, as a complete surprise in commemoration of his 50 years in the ministry. Rev.Lawson's many roles as a community server, defender of the underclass, advocate of youth development, bridge builder between groups and supporter of community revitalization are reflected in the direction of WALIPP.

About Rev. Lawson

Without Bill Lawson, there would be no WALIPP, or a WALIPP-TSU Academy and additional comfortable, affordable housing for seniors

  • He marched with Dr. Martin Luther King and headed the city’s chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference for over three decades
  • He pushed for desegregation in Houston-area schools
  • If you wanted to get elected or pass a political issue you tried to convince him of the merit of your case
  • He founded the Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church where he continues to serve as Pastor Emeritus
  • He helped form the Coalition for the Homeless and worked tirelessly on issues of poverty and substandard services in Houston’s inner city
  • He pushed for desegregation in Houston-area schools
  • With his encouragement, his church organized the largest Boy Scout troop in Houston, well over 125 boys have received the honor of Eagle Scout, the top level in scouting
  • He also began a program to bring together churches of many denominations to share knowledge and bridge cultural gaps
  • He is always available to visit the sick, pray with the bereaved or encourage those in need
  • He is self-effacing, humble and accessible (and modest to a fault).