On April 15, 1996, the William A. Lawson Institute for Peace and Prosperity, a nonprofit organization, was presented to Rev. Lawson by a spontaneous group of community leaders, as a complete surprise in commemoration of his 50 years in the ministry. Rev. Lawson’s many roles as a community server, defender of the underclass, advocate of youth development, bridge builder between groups and supporter of community revitalization are reflected in the direction of WALIPP.

WALIPP continues Rev. Lawson’s community engagement to bridge the gap between the powerful and the powerless. In defining the powerless, WALIPP’s founder and Board targeted three segments of the Houston community.

  • Children, who must be equipped with the tool of education, the acknowledged key to power for communities and countries.
  • Those subject to the criminal justice system without the financial ability to obtain competent legal representation, who must be equipped with such legal representation, the acknowledged key to power for people in the courts where justice is dispensed.
  • Seniors, with declining income, who must be equipped with decent and safe housing, services and community, the acknowledged key to power for longer, healthier and more productive lives.

In targeting these segments of society, WALIPP has worked to accomplish its mission to enhance the quality of life for the young and old, for families and the underserved.